Department Contacts at North Star Chevrolet - Your Pittsburgh, PA Chevy Dealer

Here at North Star Chevy, our goal is to provide you an excellent experience with every single dealership interaction. Our staff loves Chevrolet, the greater Pittsburgh area, and you - that's how we became the #1 volume Chevrolet dealership in Western Pennsylvania!

If you want to let us know about a fantastic member of our team or there is ever something we can address for you, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can also read customer reviews for both sales and service.
  • Dealership Contacts (412) 294-0308
    • Joe  Gray  Photo
      Joe  Gray
      General Manager
    • Brian  Anderson Photo
      Brian  Anderson
      Sales Manager
    • Brian  Sodini Photo
      Brian  Sodini
      Sales Manager
    • Randy  Rogers Photo
      Randy  Rogers
      Sales Manager
    • Mike Pirih Photo
      Mike Pirih
      Business Manager
    • Kevin Mahoney Photo
      Kevin Mahoney
      Business Manager
    • Ronnie Dakan Photo
      Ronnie Dakan
      Business Manager
    • John Seretti Photo
      John Seretti
      Community Marketing Coordinator
  • New (412) 294-0308
    • Steve
      Steve "Peppie"  Depkon
      Sales Consultant
    • Kevin  Bever Photo
      Kevin  Bever
      Sales Consultant
    • Gary  Jamis Photo
      Gary  Jamis
      Sales Consultant
    • Gene  Brookins Photo
      Gene  Brookins
      Sales Consultant
    • Frank  Moux Photo
      Frank  Moux
      Sales Consultant
    • Zach Wach Photo
      Zach Wach
      Sales Consultant
    • Chris  Kirk Photo
      Chris  Kirk
      Sales Consultant
    • Gary  Warholak Photo
      Gary  Warholak
      Sales Consultant
    • Jeff  Saunders Photo
      Jeff  Saunders
      Sales Consultant
    • Todd  Higgins Photo
      Todd  Higgins
      Sales Consultant
    • John Wiley Photo
      John Wiley
      Sales Consultant
    • Mike Dailey Photo
      Mike Dailey
      Sales Consultant
    • Mike  Toomey Photo
      Mike  Toomey
      Sales Consultant
    • Mike  Master Photo
      Mike  Master
      Sales Consultant
    • Lauren Barner Photo
      Lauren Barner
      Internet Sales Coordinator
    • Sherry Adams Photo
      Sherry Adams
      Internet Sales Coordinator
    • Josh  Karl Photo
      Josh  Karl
      Internet Sales Coordinator
    • Jeff  Gallagher Photo
      Jeff  Gallagher
      Internet Sales Coordinator
  • Service & Parts (412) 294-0306
    • Mike Reed Photo
      Mike Reed
      Service Director
      Phone : 412.264.3325
      Fax: 412.264.3663
    • Frank  Morabito Photo
      Frank  Morabito
      Assistant Service Manager
    • Brett  Tinker Photo
      Brett  Tinker
      World Class Technician
    • Ed Garibay Photo
      Ed Garibay
      Service Consultant
    • Scott Alborg Photo
      Scott Alborg
      Service Consultant
    • Dave  Konn Photo
      Dave  Konn
      Service Consultant
  • Collision Center (412) 294-0308
    • Ed  Reithmiller Photo
      Ed  Reithmiller
      Parts Manager

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